Startup Edmonton Launch Party

Startup Edmonton invited me to take part in a live doodle session as part of their Launch Party event. For three hours I live doodled in illustrator while chatting with participants and took on their doodle suggestions. Below is a time-lapse of how it went down:

My Illustrator line-art tracing process

This is my process for tracing line art in Illustrator Make your sketch in pencil/pen/paper (I can’t sketch on a computer. It’s a personal deficiency, I suppose). Scan/photograph your sketch and clean up in Photoshop. Try to remove as many ambiguous smudges and unclear pencil lines as possible. Use levels to kill the paper tone… Continue reading My Illustrator line-art tracing process

Fee Fo Lay Cafe

Conveniently located along the Mississippi River Road, the Fee-Fo-Lay Cafe is the perfect spot to grab a cup of coffee, beignets, tcakes, and many other delicious items. Our comfortable seating areas, both inside and out, offer a cozy atmosphere.  We’re only minutes away from major tourism attractions such as Whitney and Evergreen Plantations. I did their logo and if you… Continue reading Fee Fo Lay Cafe