• Niños vs Moda

    Always at this time of the year big fashion brands launch their fall/winter campaigns with their carefully produced editorials and their star photographers. This year I asked a group of children aged 8 to describe what they see in some of these commercial campaigns. The result gave us goosebumps: women are drunk and sick, men are heroes and businessmen.

    Kids decoded the images and exposed wide open the implicit violence and inequality when it comes to the way women and men are treated on those editorials. Children often offered themselves to help women: “they’re hungry”, “she’s feeling lonely” or “she could die” while projected their dreams and ambitions on to the men roles: “they’re happy”, “I want to go to university too”, I’m the boss”.

    This revealing document poses many questions about hidden messages that are launched from the fashion business: why do we link this kind of images with glamour and luxury? why doesn’t anybody denounce this situation?, how do these images influence our visual education?, why do brand support such messages? and what can we do to change this?
  • Indesign knockout text

    I forget this shit every time so I’m putting it here so I never have to search for it again 🙂

  • Loraine James, Running Like That Ft Eden Samara

    Really enjoy this track. The underpinning chords are a sick motif. So simple but drive it forward and marry well to the erratic staccato beats.

  • On perseverance and perception

    An interesting interview with Harrison Ford c. 1985. Takeaways; keep the ambition simple–don’t think that far in advance. He gave up doing episodic television to become a carpenter as they were jobs that went nowhere–hold out for the real ambition. Doing films led to a change of how he was perceived.

    On stardom: “I enjoy the ability to pick and choose what I work on — I enjoy the process very much. The rest of it is not significant”

  • Make good art

    Today I (re)listened to MAKE GOOD ART by Neil Gaiman. Takeaways were: I don’t read enough fiction, I needn’t be afraid to put stuff out there, sod the rules, use adversity as a means to spur creation.

    Also, that cover typeface is Blender, which I am quite familiar with 😉

  • Put out the small things

    You’ll never know what you might inspire with those things you though of as insignificant

  • My stupid brain
    Cower before me, internet

    So I think this’ll be my notebook for random discoveries and notions. Brain fart express. Woo hoo0. Yeah, I know it’s just a distraction from what I should be doing but hopefully I can remember some useful shit that I seem to come across once in a while ¯\_(ツ)_/¯