Ramsey on KISS

This has to be one of the best lessons on creativity. Chef who has all the knowledge, team and resources but can’t get the customers. Lesson: keep it simple and meet your customers half-way (don’t dictate).

I don’t know where I’m going, but I’m on my way.

I grew tired of my usual YouTube diet so decided to watch some walking tours of various London locales by John Rogers. This one on Highgate (where I spent a good number of my formative years). Featured in Highgate Cemetery was this awesome headstone: I thought it might be that of my all time favourite… Continue reading I don’t know where I’m going, but I’m on my way.

Brandy Y Productions

Brandy Y Productions inc. is an independent documentary film, television and digital media company owned by Brandy Yanchyk, an award winning Canadian filmmaker and journalist. Since 2009, I’ve worked with Brandy Y Productions on their title graphics and general graphic design duties. https://brandyyanchyk.com

Talking to Youth about Cannabis Booklet + Postcards

The City of Leduc asked me to design some materials for their ‘Talking to Youth About Cannabis’ initiative. It was important to the client to keep the tone informative and respectful to the audience (i.e. not trying to pander or patronise). This project involved me doing all of the layout and art direction, some spot… Continue reading Talking to Youth about Cannabis Booklet + Postcards

My Illustrator line-art tracing process

This is my process for tracing line art in Illustrator Make your sketch in pencil/pen/paper (I can’t sketch on a computer. It’s a personal deficiency, I suppose). Scan/photograph your sketch and clean up in Photoshop. Try to remove as many ambiguous smudges and unclear pencil lines as possible. Use levels to kill the paper tone… Continue reading My Illustrator line-art tracing process

Niños vs Moda

Always at this time of the year big fashion brands launch their fall/winter campaigns with their carefully produced editorials and their star photographers. This year I asked a group of children aged 8 to describe what they see in some of these commercial campaigns. The result gave us goosebumps: women are drunk and sick, men… Continue reading Niños vs Moda

Indesign knockout text

I forget this shit every time so I’m putting it here so I never have to search for it again 🙂

On perseverance and perception

An interesting interview with Harrison Ford c. 1985. Takeaways; keep the ambition simple–don’t think that far in advance. He gave up doing episodic television to become a carpenter as they were jobs that went nowhere–hold out for the real ambition. Doing films led to a change of how he was perceived. On stardom: “I enjoy… Continue reading On perseverance and perception